10 Free Kindle eBooks and Kindle Deals for Memorial Day Weekend

It’s time for another roundup of 10 free highly-rated Kindle ebooks, along with some Kindle-related deals for Memorial Day.

Amazon still has Kindle Unlimited gift subscriptions on sale at up to 40% off, and they’ve also got a list of select New York Times Best Sellers on sale today only for one of the Deals of the Day.

Please note that the free Kindle books listed below are free as of May 26th, 2019. Most of these titles are free for a limited time only and will expire in a few days before going back to the regular list price.

A good place to find more free Kindle books is on the free bestsellers list at Amazon.

You don’t need to own a Kindle ebook reader or a Fire tablet to read these free ebooks; you can use a free Kindle reading app for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android devices, or use a computer or web browser.

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Kindle Deals

Kindle Unlimited Gift Deal – 20-40% off

2 Months of Kindle Unlimited for $0.99

Spend $20 on eBooks and Get $5 – Ends May 27th

Up to 80% off select New York Times Best Sellers – 5/26 only

Memorial Day Kindle Book Sale – 5/26 only

Kindle Daily Deals

Kindle Books up to 80% off

Amazon First Reads

10 Free Kindle eBooks

An Unremembered Grave by Abigail Padgett

Horror, Mystery, 4.6 stars, 132 reviews

Danni Telfer, abandoned as a toddler, has no idea what the fading tattoo of a white rose on her left shoulder means. Nor does she want to remember the peculiar perceptions that disturbed her childhood. A talented historian, Danni’s focus is on the Louisiana research project she hopes will land her a job that doesn’t involve teaching bored college freshmen. But she’s walking into a confluence of events that will change her life forever. His story preserved only in a threadbare quilt fashioned by a slave during the Civil War, the Vampire Grimaud has slept for a century and a half beneath the soil of a Louisiana plantation called Angola…

The Road Leads Back (Stonehill Series Book 1) by Marci Bolden

Romance, 4.5 stars, 90 reviews

Sometimes the only place left to go is home. Kara Martinson always thought her high school crush was out of her league, but they did share one night she’s never been able to forget. Nearly three decades after being disowned by her parents and forced to raise her son on her own, Kara’s made it—her art is being toasted at a gallery opening. Even better, she and her son are finally on stable ground. Until Mr. One-Night Stand himself crashes her party. Harry Canton always knew Kara would make it as an artist…

A Dignified Exit by John J Asher

Literary Fiction, 4.5 stars, 162 reviews

Monroe Colson baffles his family and friends when he abruptly announces that he’s moving to Mexico. Monroe, a successful children’s book illustrator from a small Texas town, insists he wants to paint without interruptions. He arrives as a stranger in San Miguel, but his plans take an unexpected turn when he rescues a vibrant young American woman who has been abandoned, penniless, by her fiancé. As the true nature of his mysterious behavior comes to light, Monroe’s reasons for leaving his old life is questioned by this woman who has arrived almost — but not entirely — too late.

If She Were Blind by Laney Wylde

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, 4.5 stars, 42 reviews

Not everyone can get justice the traditional way—that’s where Estlyn Collins comes in. A young lawyer in Santa Monica, her “legal” service, After Twelve, works outside the courtroom to tip the scales when the justice system has failed. For a price. Thanks to her powerful underground network, Estlyn’s success rate is stellar, and her inbox stays filled with inquires from the desperate and vengeful. But when one of those names is a ghost from her past seeking vengeance against her, she’s shaken to her core. Off balance and scared to be alone, she makes an impulsive move for a guy…

Over the Falls (Ryder Bay Book 1) by Jordan Ford

Young Adult, 4.7 stars, 42 reviews

Aidan isn’t used to losing. But when his popular girlfriend dumps him right after he tanks at the end-of-year swim meet, he’s not sure if his golden touch will ever return. Embarrassed and dejected, Aidan heads to the rough end of the beach and meets the surfer girl who’s about to change his life. Every passing week gets Harley one step closer to escaping her crappy house and a mother who doesn’t care about her. Charging the rich pretty boy for lessons could be her post-graduation ticket out of town. But her fiercely independent streak starts to fade when her feelings of pity for Aidan evolve into something more…

The Promise (The Promise Series Book 1) by Kate Benson

Romance, 4.5 stars, 109 reviews

Devastated by circumstances beyond her control, Sophie Ryan’s life rips her from the arms of her first love, Jack. With only memories of their lost love, she’s forced to start over in a new town; surviving on her own for the first time since he left. Trying to begin her new life, fate decides a different direction for her, causing her to make a choice she never thought she’d have to. Unsure of commitment after his failed engagement, Chase Mitchell finds himself stuck on a path of failed conquests and late nights at the bar. That is until he finds a pair of mesmerizing green eyes sitting in his usual spot. Something about this quiet girl forces him to question everything he has ever thought about love…

Ghost of a Chance (Maggie Mulgrew Mysteries Book 1) by Cate Dean

Mystery, 4.5 stars, 241 reviews

Maggie Mulgrew runs The Ash Leaf, an antique shop in the quaint village of Holmestead, England ~ which has nothing to do with Sherlock, thank you very much. She sells her goods to disappointed tourists, and locals who appreciate her eclectic taste. Professor Pembroke Martin is hunting down an artifact that had been stolen by a former assistant ~ a hand-blown apothecary jar that is the center of an old ghost story. His search leads him to Holmestead, and a stubborn, fascinating American who has acquired the box that once contained the rare jar…

I Believe You by Jeanne Grunert

Suspense, 4.6 stars, 60 reviews

Six months ago, a hit and run driver changed David’s life forever when his wife, Cathy, was killed. Now he struggles to raise his three sons alone and run the financial empire founded by his outlandish father. One night, a mysterious stranger appears to be watching his home. The next day, $100,000 is missing from his bank account. As David untangles the knot of lies, deception and intrigue surrounding his wife’s death, he threatens to shatter his close-knit family forever.

Stealthy Steps (Nanostealth Book 1) by Vikki Kestell

Science Fiction, 4.6 stars, 334 reviews

Gemma Keyes was an ordinary, unexceptional young woman with a lackluster life until an overheard conversation ended her budding career and her loyalty to an old friend put her life in jeopardy. As the truth emerged, Gemma discovered—the hard way—that invisibility comes with its own set of problems. My name is Gemma Keyes. Other than my name, I am utterly forgettable—so those who never paid much attention to me in the first place haven’t exactly noticed that I’ve disappeared. Vanished. Oh, it’s much more complicated than it sounds. And let me tell you, the adjustment is difficult.

Warrior Mage: Chains of Honor, Book 1 by Lindsay Buroker

Fantasy, 4.4 stars, 215 reviews

His mother was one of the most powerful wizards in the Nurian Empire until she abandoned her people to become a notorious pirate. That choice doomed the family she left behind to a life of disgrace. Yanko White Fox doesn’t remember his mother, but as the only gifted child in the family, he is expected to erase the mark she left on them all. With an affinity for earth magic and communicating with animals, he’s not the most natural candidate to become a warrior mage, but it’s the only sure route back into the Great Chief’s good graces. He has resigned himself to training for that destiny, whether it matches his passions or not…

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